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Security hardening for digital wallets

16 minute read

This article discusses security controls that reduce the risk of unauthorized access or misuse, information leakage and unauthorized physical access, mostly.

Verifying digital signatures

5 minute read

The verification of digital signatures ensures that a message wasn’t altered and that the sender is the one who ‘signed’ the message, the owner of the key pa...

A brief notion of cryptography

4 minute read

To have a better understanding of what it is and how a blockchain works, one must know a few things about cryptography. Hashes, cryptographic key pairs and d...

Debian Verifier

12 minute read

A script that downloads the image and verifies the digital signature and hashes of Debian Linux.


Applied Cryptography

What is cryptography and how does it work in the real world? A lecture about Applied Cryptography, written in English and translated to Portuguese.

Memory Vulnerabilities

A long lecture written in English showing examples of buffer overflows and other memory vulnerabilities and how to exploit them.